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Let's freaking go!

It's time to level-up your portfolio!

Whatever you’re doing with your illustration development right now, it’s too important to let it slide! Inkygoodness challenges give you an unrivalled opportunity to test your skills on industry level creative briefs set by leading digital agencies.

Our masterclasses will lift the curtain on the creative process as we unpack campaign work for global brands Kiehls, Warby Parker and YouTube in conversation with leading illustrators commissioned to deliver these incredible projects - giving you behind the scenes access to exclusive content inside their studios!

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What you get inside the Course

Expect incredible advice for developing your illustration style, insight on connecting with clients and building a successful freelance career; alongside a deep dive into creative process of creating illustration for brands in the form of articles, resources and over 10 hours of masterclasses and workshop recordings, hosted by Inkygoodness Collective mentors Lisa Hassell and Joel Ebsworth

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You'll learn from creative teams at leading agencies: Oat and Fiasco Design on how they commission illustrators like you for leading brand campaigns and their advice and insight for crafting exceptional illustrations in conversation with leading creative directors.

Plus access three in-depth Branding Illustration Masterclasses with established illustrators Christopher DeLorenzo, Maite Franchi and Hedof as they take you through their creative process and share case studies of client work for global brands including Kiehls, Warby Parker and YouTube amongst others.

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This self paced illustration for brands course is perfect for Illustrators like you who:

- Want a little extra support, motivation, and focus as you find your creative voice and develop your portfolio.

- Enjoy learning at your own pace and would benefit from the structure of a course and access to industry-standard briefs

- Are ready to level-up your portfolio with branding illustration but feel a bit lost about how and where to start

- Love the idea of joining a global creative community

- Missed out on the live challenge but would love the opportunity to dive in!

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What's included?

x 2 Creative Briefs set by Oat Agency and Fiasco Design (including mock-ups!)

x 2 BONUS Creative Briefs set by Maite Franchi & Christopher DeLorenzo

x 3 Illustration Masterclasses with Maite Franchi, Christopher DeLorenzo & Hedof (Recordings)

x 2 Industry Zoom Sessions with Owen Phillips-Walmsley, Creative Director at Oat Agency; and Ben Steers, Creative Director at Fiasco Design (Recordings)

4 x Feedback Sessions in conversation with design teams at each agency discussing the sketch phase of each Creative Brief (Recordings).

x 3 Workshop Sessions with Inkygoodness mentors Lisa Hassell & Joel Ebsworth (Recordings).

Guides, Articles, Interviews & Extra Resources to support your Creative Development in branding illustration

Lifetime Access to all 28 Day Branding Challenge Course Content!

Invitation to Join Inkygoodness Collective (Paid Membership)

Early Bird Offer to Enrol in our next Live 28 Day Challenge in March 2024!

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Course Fee

Our self paced branding illustration course costs £199.

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Creative Briefs

Our self paced branding illustration course gives you access to four creative briefs set by Art Directors at Oat Agency, Fiasco Design and Masterclass speakers Maite Franchi and Christopher DeLorenzo.

Here's what you'll be working on:

- An illustrated poster and merchandise for Woodland Rhythms Music Fesival set by Oat Agency.

- A suite of spot illustrations for an advertising campaign for a vegan food brand set by Fiasco Design.

- Wrap-around illustration for MIMO skincare by Maite Franchi to develop your skills in packaging illustration.

- And finally Christopher DeLorenzo will set you the challenge of developing your vegan food brand spot illustrations into a wall mural.

Our creative directors will guide you through the process via recordings of our live feedback sessions and Q&A's to support your project development every step of the way - from creating mood boards to sketches, working with colour and final artwork delivery!

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Masterclass Illustrators

We're delighted to be joined by three leading illustrators for our self paced branding illustration course, bringing their experience and expertise to deliver a masterclass guiding you through their creative process and how they work with global brands.

Expect insight on how to approach a brief and ways to present your work to clients at each stage of a project, as they present case studies and present insight, tips, industry advice and creative strategy to level-up your portfolio - you won't find this content anywhere else!

Lets meet the speakers

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Masterclass Speaker: Maite Franchi

Maïté Franchi is a French illustrator working with eye-catching and pattern-filled digital compositions. Maïté works on a variety of projects ranging from editorial features, packaging projects, publishing and advertising campaigns as her stylish and dynamic character illustrations and bold tasteful colour palettes capture the eyes and imagination of a diverse range of audiences.

Maïté has worked with great brands such as Kiehl’s, Huawei, L’Oreal, Adobe, and more. Maïté is presented by Folio Art in the UK, and Virginie in France.

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Masterclass Speaker: Christopher DeLorenzo

Christopher DeLorenzo is a freelance illustrator based in Massachusetts known for his clean-lined, firm aesthetic, but the content itself holds a cheekiness that keeps up-to-the-minute brands such as Mr Porter, Converse, Google and Tiffany & Co. eager to work with him.

After studying Communication Design at Syracuse University in upstate New York, he initially trained as an art director before beginning his work as an illustrator. “I really like to work with clients that make stuff, whether it’s clothes, guitars, drinks, food, films… I like to be involved and a part of that process where the other side understands the care and quality of image and craft.”

Chris is represented globally by Agent Pekka.

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Masterclass Speaker: Hedof

Hedof is the one-man creative studio of Dutch illustrator Rick Berkelmans. His striking illustration work is a thoughtful, well balanced composition full of candy coloured sceneries, suspicious characters and wonky shapes that reflect Rick’s positive attitude and his studio filled with silly looking toys.

Berkelmans’ laid back, yet smart approach to imagemaking has found it’s way into numerous magazines, products, advertising campaigns, installations and huge walls, all over the globe.

Always able to maintain a strong, recognizable voice while working through different disciplines for clients such as Nike, Samsung, Lotte World Mall, Red Bull, Bombay Sapphire, Greenpeace and YouTube.

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Share your work with Inkygoodness

We would love to see your finished projects and invite you to share your work on Instagram! Tag @inkygoodness and @inkygoodnesscollective with the hashtag #28DayBrandingChallenge and we will repost your illustration work on our stories.

We will also select the best projects to share on our dedicated Inkygoodness Collective Instagram account every month!

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What else do I need to know?

The most important thing to know about this 28-Day Challenge is that this is going to stretch you - and that by committing the time you'll leave with a FOUR incredible branding projects for your portfolio.

Use this Challenge to complete your first (or next) branding illustration a little bit faster and with more focus and purpose than doing it alone on your own.

Grab instant access to our 28 Day Challenge right now and master the art of illustrating for brands with Inkygoodness today!



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